I’m Sarah Lohman, and I’m a culinary historian.

I wrote the blog Four Pounds Flours: Historical Gastronomy for nine years. In 2016, Simon & Schuster published my first book, Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine, an ode to American diversity told through black pepper, vanilla, chili powder, curry powder, soy sauce, garlic, MSG and Sriracha. You can buy Eight Flavors here.

I perform across the country both as a solo artist and as 1/2 of the Masters of Social Gastronomy. I have appeared at, and taught classes on everything from open fire cooking to leading walking tours of the “Little Tokyo” neighborhood of Manhattan. Email me to book me for an event or a speaking gig.

I also write a weekly newsletter about all things delicious and historical; you an sign up for it here.

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